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smoking ban how is going (being enforced in your area)

# 1
ronnie bland
is it to hot to sit outside
30 July 2012 14:50:13 Reply Quote
# 2
yes for sure it is but most of the restaurants have gardens where smoking is allowed and bars ... we often visit them during the evening/night so it is bearable
30 July 2012 16:39:15 Reply Quote
# 3
Kevin Owen
Winter will be the "acid test" of the ban, but I do see a distinct reduction in the number of customers in bars, garden or no! I hate smoking, particularly when I am eating, but I feel that perhaps for Bulgaria this legislation is premature! It should have been preceded with a public information campaign and an effort to regulate the sale of cigarettes, especially for the young.
2 August 2012 07:57:26 Reply Quote
# 4
Its about time to learn to respect others who when eating prefer to have their food without others blowing into their face dirty rotten smoke, like fuming dragons.

Just remember how it used to be some years ago on the public transport, trains and planes. The passenger behind and the one next to you and everyone else were filling the place with clouds of toxic smoke, until you had tears in your eyes.
But now enough is enough.
Well done Brussels The only thing that I applaud from Brussels.
9 December 2012 01:11:04 Reply Quote