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Kittens abandoned

# 1
Hi everyone we have found 5 kittens in our loft that look about a week old, the mother has left them. They are drinking milk from a dropper. Really need someone to take them as we go back to uk on Thursday. Can anyone help please. Thank you
6 October 2014 12:23:19 Reply Quote
# 2
OHH Dear, you will be lucky to get anyone to take over these unfortunates I think you will end up either taking them to the vet to be put down or do it youself, You have let your heart rule over the practicalities of Bulgarian life .
Not a good reply to your post but please think twice if the situation occurs again. Cats it seems do not have protection under Bulgarian cruelty laws but a sanctuary may help you out if their is one near you,
12 October 2014 17:49:20 Reply Quote