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Need an advise for a moving company (Netherlands to Sofia)

# 1
Greetings everyone! I need to move some furniture and other personal belongings from the Netherlands to Sofia? Could please recommend me a good moving company for the job? Thank you!
14 April 2014 18:16:51 Reply Quote
# 2
Voerman -

They're Dutch and are a great moving company, I think it is the right choice for you. My sister worked for them many years ago, this is how I know them, not associated anyhow with them at the moment, they had lots of moving operations and the clients were satisfied with the services, I have almost first hand impression.

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28 April 2014 09:55:22 Reply Quote
# 3
mitch hawkins
Hello there. I do E.U removals and have over 15 years experience. If you are still looking, do let me know.
1 May 2014 22:52:27 Reply Quote
# 4
Bernice Coombs
Hello Mitch, I am looking for someone to move some belongings to my son in UK. He used to live here with me but has returned to UK and he now need some of the things from here, I calculate roughly that there is approx: a transit load to go. If you do deliveries to UK perhaps you could contact me to discuss it
17 August 2014 09:24:58 Reply Quote
# 5
Bernice Coombs
Hi Mitch sent message a couple of weeks ago about goods to be moved to UK not had a reply yet are you still doing removals
3 September 2014 21:01:41 Reply Quote