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Moving to Bulgaria soon!

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Tracy L Bateman
Hi, can anyone recommend a reliable removal company in the UK to move us to Pleven at a reasonable rate?
Many thanks
16 February 2014 03:03:29 Reply Quote
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There are a few English owned companies here in BG who will be cheaper then anyone in the UK. I know one chap who lives yp here in the North West near Vratsa with a 7 ton lorry if that's any good for you. I can put you in touch with him
23 February 2014 07:22:30 Reply Quote
# 3
I'll throw in here.

I 'm an American and I've been living in China for just over 6 years (way too long). I am looking for a serious change of scenery and Bulgaria is coming up tops in all my searches.

So I am looking for some advise.

I already have a primary income form film work that will becoming in, so any ork i will do in Bulgaria will be freelance for film or photography.

I am married to a Chinese woman and am looking for her to come with me. I'd like to set up a business for her to do Traditional Chinese massage.

One thing I need to have a good access to an airport, so I am thinking about being in Sofia. But Plovdiv is a consideration as well.

Can anyone give me any tips or pointers?

I see one posting said if a job isn't needed, avoid Sofia, but no one said why.

I love city life, reliable public transportation, high speed internet and lots to do.

I am happy for any advice received.

8 March 2015 15:17:56 Reply Quote
# 4
Hi Ray,
Sofia is not the cleanest city.... ok you are comming from worse...
Reliable transport, more or less, lots of congestion for sure...
House prices are too high even if they went down alot.
If you have to choose between Sofia and Plovdiv take Sofia however, but choose your part of town wisely...
9 March 2015 23:02:14 Reply Quote
# 5
hola i bought an apartment an hour from sofia , i love sofia but the apartments cost too much for , me but love spending time every time i go back , i spent two days there before i head to the apartment , its a great city ,steve
21 June 2015 06:59:45 Reply Quote
# 6
Hi there

Seems like this thread suits my question best so I decided to put my two cents in too.
My name is Filip and I'm Polish. Have spent the better part of the last 10 years living as an expat in various corners of the world. Lately it was Kyiv, Ukraine but I simply got a bit fed up with the city (moved there in September 2012).
I know Bulgaria from summer vacation and that's it. Yet, with my experience of the expat life (I lived in Albania, Greece, Spain, Germany, the UK, Turkey...that's not all!) I'm now considering moving to Sofia. No matter what country I moved to, I was providing English mentoring (non-native) and it let me make ends meet. It's my job, anyways - I'm an English teacher by profession.

Now. Just a few things I'd like to know about.
1. Would I get by in Bulgaria speaking English/Russian/German only? Apparently, Bulgarian seems to be a bit similar to Russian or my native Polish - I never had any problems communicating during vacation but staying in the country is a totally different kettle of fish.
2. Can anybody advise on any language schools in Bulgaria? Are they hiring? For the last 5+ years I was working for http://www.speak-up.com/ has anybody heard that name in Bulgaria?
3. How much would I make as an ESL teacher in Sofia? Is there any demand for private lessons provided by non-native tutors?
4. Living costs. Can anybody suggest some resources where I can learn more about the living costs? Basically, I always have some work on my hands (being a freelance translator) but I don't believe this would be enough.

Thanks for your answers!

30 September 2015 15:42:05 Reply Quote
# 7
Hi expats.... Originally from US...I have been in Montenegro for a week so far and visited Croatia looking to buy property. Bulgaria is coming up more and more and seem to have reasonable prices. Any advise on area/countryside/attorney to use etc....thank you
5 October 2015 15:50:20 Reply Quote
# 8
Hi Filip,

And welcome to Sofia! I am an English teacher too and I think you can get a teaching job quite easily regardless of your native language. Different schools have different requirements and therefore, different teaching rates. The more elite schools would require a CELTA or equivalent (The British Council, Avo-Bell and IH Sofia) plus some experience and a university degree. The pay rates there vary between 15 and 30 BGN per hour (60 minutes).
The less elite Bulgarian language schools would often require a university degree in English or a CAE/CPE certificate or equivalent. The pay rates there are between 7 and 9 BGN per 45 minutes.
I have worked in a school like this and you can make the two ends meet. Now I'm working for a better school (in terms of professionalism and teacher support) and I can definitely live comfortably. But I don't have to pay rent..
Have you considered teaching Polish? It's rare and teaching rates will be higher.

If you have more questions, I'd be happy to help!

25 October 2015 21:40:34 Reply Quote