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Vivacom and Customer Service

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Geordie Winkle
Having found it impossible to persuade the on-line form on the Vivacom site to work I have just had a conversation with Vivacom of which anyone who is planning to use their company (why I do not say service will become clear) needs to be aware. My wife and I are moving to Bulgaria and plan to live in a village, of which we are currently considering two; Drabishna and Cherna Mogila both in Haskovo province. Internet access is essential to us so before I buy I am trying to check availability. A call to Vivacom Customer Service drew a blank because only their shops have access to the system which tells where fixed line internet is available.

The answer to the problem is to visit a shop but which one; any shop I was told, they can all access the system which covers the whole of Bulagria. I explained that this left me with two problems:
1. The nearest shop is in Svilengrad about forty five minutes from where I am now located and that's only if I drive through Greece; by Bulgarian roads it s 75 minutes.
2. The staff in their shops do not all speak English so I am likely to have a communication problem when I reach the shop. That, I was told, is no problem, if I reach the shop and have a communication problem just call Vivacom Customer Service and they'll translate.

I'm sure I do not need to explain how utterly ridiculous I think that is as a response to a service request by an existing customer who wishes to buy a further service and will even decide where to live based on the availability of that service.

To take things forward I suggested I make a complaint and was told to do so in writing. A mobile operator which only accepts written complaints - which century are we living in?

Ever helpful I promised to write my complaint so that everyone has a chance to see it. I doubt it will bother Vivacom but perhaps it will help their competitors!
20 December 2013 12:00:34 Reply Quote