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Diabetes Treatment in Bulgaria

# 1
London Irish
I am planning to move to Bulgaria in a year or 2.

I am an Insulin Dependant Diabetic and I am interested to know what diabeties treatment is like in Bulgaria.

It would be great to hear from someone who is an insulin dependant diabetic.

Thank you.
28 October 2013 15:24:47 Reply Quote
# 2
My uncle came to live here a few years ago for a while and was heavily insulin dependent. After being here for a year he went back to see his specialist in the UK who was amazed at how much less insulin he needed, how well he was and how much excess weight he had lost.

There are many diabetics in Bulgaria and therefore treatment and specialists are easy to find,the only reason my uncle went back to the UK for treatment is that he had other problems with his heart etc as well.

So yes insulin and doctors are easy to find
2 February 2014 13:44:31 Reply Quote
# 3
London Irish
Diana, thank you for your useful reply. Regards, Ian.
3 June 2014 15:29:22 Reply Quote
# 4
I am not in the case an cannot comment directly on your question.
However I can tell you that Bg has excellent doctors, even if some have to be paid extra. All treatments are available, but be careful of falsified prescription drugs, they are unfortunately rather common (some statistics say up to 30%...)
8 April 2015 23:24:27 Reply Quote
# 5
Hi Eric,

I hope you are doing fine. Do you know a good Doctor for diabetics in Varna ?

Thanks for your answer.

12 September 2015 17:37:28 Reply Quote