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antenatal care & birth in bulgaria

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I wonder if someone could help as I am in need of info but the only information I can see on forums is from around 2007 and I expect that since joining the EU things have changed somewhat.

I am trying for a baby and am planing to move to Bulgaria in the first part of next year 2014. I wondered what is it like to give birth in Bulgaria, care options, costs, culture differences, etc.

I have not given birth before so naturally I would like as much support around me. I have read on some forums that the husband cannot be with you in public hospitals is the still the case? If it is then are they against a man being in the room i.e. can you have a female birth partner instead?

How much is it in public hospitals and how does this compare to private care? Does private care also have restrictions on who is present?

Any advice greatly received thank you!
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