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Agriculture in Bulgaria

# 1
Hi Friends,
I am a new member to our Forum,wondering why Bulgaria cannot extend her arable land as well as timber or other plantations.I admit my total ignorance.Can it be due to the topography,climate and temperature variations, government reserved eco-regions,nature of soils,water availability and the like?Any friend is welcome to explain their observations,with reference to different regions,if possible. Thanks.
26 July 2013 10:34:25 Reply Quote
# 2
Sorry to disagree mate! There is enough land here for agriculture already. Every time a wild area is cultivated it displaces the creatures that live there.

I dont know much about the forestry but I guess the plantations must be well managed as they are continually cutting Oak plantations for firewood! Near us I cannot yet see signs of re-planting OAK, it seems Acacia takes over so maybe, with Acacia being fast growing they harvest that before replanting though I guess some of the OAK will survive if coppiced!
26 August 2013 12:15:04 Reply Quote