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Charity Project - Call for Tools

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Hi everyone,

Rory, Chloe and Maeve here and we have a huge favour to ask. We are running a project called CreatePlay in partnership with the Bulgarian Charity Priateli Veliko Tarnovo Foundation.

We are designing and constructing a playground in a mainstream nursery in Gorna Oryahovitsa which will be used by both disabled and non-disabled children. The project aims to bring the issue of integration to the fore and help support Bulgaria's transition to closing down isolated residential institutions and focus on community based care.

Everyone involved in the project is a volunteer and we are having a team of students join us to help construct the play space over the next couple of months. We have been working hard to raise funds and securing grants for the project, this money will go directly to the materials needed, which is mainly timber.

So this is where the favour comes in, we are looking for the donations of tools, as we have a limited budget a lot of the power tools are out of price range. We are looking for circular saws, sanders and any other tools for timber you may have. This also extends to screws bolts etc as well, anything you may no longer need or can lend us would be more than welcomed.

We know this is a big ask and we'd greatly appreciate your support. We think this a great opportunity for the expat community to get help a small scale, local project that is being driven by the parents and teachers of Gorna Oryahovitsa.

Please visit www.create-play.org to find out more about the project and what we're up to.

Thanks again

CreatePlay Team
21 July 2013 15:18:45 Reply Quote