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Restaurants in Bulgaria

# 1
Clyde Hall
I cannot pass a restaurant without looking at the menu should it be posted outside or inside if I decide to patronize.

I note with interest the restaurant section of expats.bg, but I am sure that there are restaurants in other parts of Bulgaria other than Sofia. However, only Sofia restaurants are listed! I am sure that the selection is much more varied and that one does not have to go to Sofia to avoid hunger. How about posting restaurants in other parts of Bulgaria?

I live near Varna, and there are numerous restaurants in Varna, but alas, I hesitate to recommend the vast majority of them. Thank goodness my Bulgarian wife is a good cook. By the way...I can recommend only one restaurant in Varna. Maybe I am too choosy?
15 July 2013 12:52:19 Reply Quote
# 2
I am the new kid in the block...so perhaps my opion is not (yet) welcome...but I checked the "restaurants" list and its merely a copy/paste of any other restaurante guide. I was hoping to find opinions and expat comments but none, nada, zip...so...good luck with your quest...
9 August 2013 11:00:18 Reply Quote
# 3
Clyde Hall
I have found a good (my opinion) restaurant in Varna.

It is "The Viking". Located behind what used to be called Red Square.
Don't ask me to give the street name as I have given up on learning Bulgarian and the Cyrillic Alphabet is a secret code for me.

Anyway, this restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, three kinds beer on tap (others in the bottle should you like), and a varied menu written both in Bulgarian and English. Menu selections are Bulgarian specialties and not limited to queftay, kaybopskie and shopska salad (all three words misspelled, but I am from Texas).

My Bulgarian wife and I go there for special occasions as well as any other good reason we can think of. Need I say more?
12 August 2013 10:07:31 Reply Quote