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Which area is best

# 1
This will probably open up a can of worms but still I will ask for peoples opinions.

We have been in Bulgaria for a year now the house and smallholding is getting there (if you know what I mean) we are now ready to look for another property but which area is best we live in the North West in a small village where there is no English spoken and our Bulgarian is not good. So can anyone recommend an area where there are a few English people living.

Would be most grateful for any input

14 July 2013 11:09:59 Reply Quote
# 2
Axinia Milanova
Hi Mike ,
We are also living in the north west and in our village more than EU and UK families are living here . They all speak Inglish !
27 December 2013 23:35:37 Reply Quote
# 3

Although I am not an expat I have spent a bit of time in BG. I would recommend Veliko Tarnovo, the people were friendly and there were a few expats around. Also there is some fantastic scenery.
3 January 2014 00:00:53 Reply Quote
# 4
I live in the North West also not too far from Lom and Montana. Where are you and can I or any of my friends help you with anything?
31 January 2014 08:24:57 Reply Quote
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Hi there, if you are still looking for a place to move - at our village there used to be like 40 families from the UK last time I was there, and the place is really good.

The name of the village is Novo Selo, 24kms ( like 15-18mi ) NW from Vidin.
28 April 2014 10:24:40 Reply Quote
# 6
mitch hawkins
Hi. Sorry to interupt but need to start somewhere. I do European removals and wondered if anyone can tell me a good place to advertise for moves to and from Bulgaria? I have been specialising in Spain for the past 15 years, but recently enjoyed doing runs to Romania, Bulgaria & Turkey.
1 May 2014 22:50:35 Reply Quote
# 7
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2 May 2014 15:52:33 Reply Quote
# 8
Just reading some of ur posts.

I don't understand why many Bulgarians think that all Britons wish to move to BG to live in little England.

Many people I know, us included, would be horrified to have so many close by. In Gradishte there are just 2 other Britons. A Welsh lady with and English husband and an English lady whose husband still lives and works over there. He does not want to move to BG yet until he can find something he can do to keep occupied as inactivity drives him mad.

I am quite happy that most of the villagers know me as the mad, crazy Angliski, I don't feel the need to have fellow countrymen with all the bitching. If rumour is fact then the ex pats in the VT area have a successful wife/husband swapping scene.

I guess my mentality may be different as I lived 12 years in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and going back to England in 1990 I felt as if I were the foreigner in my country of birth. I have always said I would far sooner be a foreigner in a foreign country and this is how I like it.

I think it is sad when folk move abroad and do not mix in, just create similar to what they left. Mind you I am eccentric.
17 May 2014 11:07:40 Reply Quote
# 9
Hello dog lady, glad 2 C U still going. U still selling houses Di?
17 May 2014 11:09:35 Reply Quote
# 10
Mike we first looked at the north west Lom/Montana and thought we had made a mistake looking at BG. It just didn't stir us at all and we nearly went back without looking elsewhere. (Though we do like Ruse). The estate agent who invited us NW had not warned us of the huge numbers of Roma and the land seemed flat and featureless despite our instructions that we wanted to live as isolated as possible with lots of hills and trees. We were shown nothing like what we had indicated and when we said we were moving on early we were told...I was saving the best for tomorrow, just what you want. Sorry, snooze u lose, why not show us the best the first day. ?
However as you know BG is vast, underpopulated, a land of contrasts. and when we moved on a day earlier than planned, to the Gabrovo province we were delighted.
We eventually bought our smallholding of 2 acres in a village about 15kays from Selievo
I was out 18months before my wife. The first few months she had struggles adjusting being used to the fast pace of life in England she felt lost and she battled the urge to return. Now she adores if not BG than our laid back life where she has gone from being a high powered worker to the poultry lady and cake baker. Now you have got a base and u have time to look around you should find what you are looking for. We did have a third area to look at, a town/village called Elena which I understand is gorgeous but our house has views and privacy so we are content to see out our days here. A few months ago we went to buy Geese near Kazanlak and we did not really find the are impressive. I was born and bred in the Peak District and I hate living in any area where I am not up in't t'ills. There are so many contrasts though aren't there. A big plus as well is our mayor, after a string of petty crimes, warned the roma here she would evict them if it did not stop. The worst roma did leave and we feel we can go out without locking our doors etc.
17 May 2014 11:30:00 Reply Quote
# 11
Personally,I`m glad to be finally moving permanently out to our abode in a little village which within easy travel distance has plenty of rail & road links to the coast,there are occasional Brits who stay for a couple of weeks/months and a couple who are permanent residents the locals, are on the whole gypsy,and brilliant ,friendly and very helpfull .
To me nothing beats sitting out with the locals having a quiet drink and chat(although my Bulgarian is extremely limited) trying to help out and trying to assimilate into the village life.
I cannot see the point of a lot of people wanting to live in Bulgaria and then moan about the lack of others of there own country not being there,to me "when in Rome do as Romans do " is the motto you should live by.
20 June 2014 23:02:11 Reply Quote
# 12
Chris Richmond
The village where my house is I'm the only foreigner who owns in the village.
Doesn't bother me, I just wish my house here in the uk would sell so I can move out permanently.


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22 June 2014 01:26:26 Reply Quote
# 13
We have a backpackers hostel in Kardjali, it is mainly Turkish people in the village. It is very close to the Greek border and not so far from Sunny beach, the weather is a lot milder than the north, there are old schools here for sale starting at 11000 leva, we are friends with a guy on the council that can organise sales, if you would like to visit us and look around reply on
Other than that Veliko Turnovo has a lot of Brits
16 July 2014 09:35:23 Reply Quote
# 14
Hello Mike,
I am English and I live and work in the Burgas Region, there are lots of English Living here. We have a Business here - we sell and renovate property.
20 July 2014 04:22:15 Reply Quote
# 15
Curmudgeon VT
We live in the VT area and have decided to opt out of the Brit scene here as have many others for similar reasons. So, depending on what you are looking for maybe quantity of Brits should not be the primary criterion. We moved to this area anticipating a haven of culture and have been sadly disappointed by the reality.
4 May 2015 15:14:32 Reply Quote