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British TV....?

# 1
it's really hard to catch up on corrie using you tube or torrent files...does anyone know how to connect to online British channels like itv player, bbc iplayer, 4od ? When you go to the BBC website it say's "available in UK only". I heard there is a way around this but couldn't figure it out myself…
27 May 2013 10:05:33 Reply Quote
# 2
filmon.com all english tv as it happens plug your computer into your tv it is easy free and we love it
hope this helps
29 May 2013 09:11:44 Reply Quote
# 3
You might want to check ‘uktvaccess’ which is a service provider who offers legitimate access to UK on demand services like iPlayer from anywhere you have access to an Internet broadband connection. google it and on the website you’ll get all the information step by step for the set up.

I have been using their service for almost half a year now. When I am homesick the occasional catch up with an old fave TV show have always been a nice treat
1 June 2013 14:57:39 Reply Quote
# 4
You can get a one month free trial. After that it is paid.
I use it both in US and BG to watch iTV Player and BBC.
10 July 2013 23:21:04 Reply Quote
# 5
Kevin Owen
Try "Filmon"
26 July 2013 10:13:37 Reply Quote
# 6
I download all the programmes i want from Torrent sites, transfer them onto a memory stick which plugs into my tv, then watch everything I want to either 24 hours after it has been on or whenever i want to
2 February 2014 13:58:05 Reply Quote
# 7
You need to hide your I.P. address, so you don't come up as outside the U.K. A V.P.N. (Virtual Private Network) will do this. You could try a Google search, there are free ones or low subscription ones.
One I use is www.hidemyass.com
Type in the above web address, then in the box showing google.com as an example, type www.bbciplayer.co.uk , if that works follow the same steps and type in www.itvplayer.co.uk.
Let me know if it works for you.
11 February 2014 22:35:38 Reply Quote
# 8
hi there, free tv on line over the world including uk. click on live tv cafe.net-click on all channels and then go to page 8/9 for bbc1 and 10 for itv1. good reception for watched match of the day this morning on bbc1 and the arsenal fa cup game live on itv1 yesterday.4 streams to pick from so hope its ok for you. cheers,eddie.
9 March 2014 13:46:13 Reply Quote
# 9
Chris Richmond
Use a UK proxy service to hide the fact your not in the UK.
The one below is free to use but there are plenty others if you type "UK proxy" into google.


Cheers Chris
1 April 2014 21:45:07 Reply Quote
# 10
I have got what is called an RBOX which is very cheap and i receive ALL english programs all be it 2 hours later and never have any problems (especially the wife who will never miss coronation st or eastenders of emmerdale so im relegated to playing games on my computer lol hope this helps lol
20 February 2015 22:22:50 Reply Quote