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Residence visa refusal, ADVICE NEEDED

# 1
We are in desperate need of advice.

My wife's application for a 'D' visa for foreign wife/family member to join husband (EU citizen) has been refused.
When we were married (4 years ago) I was traveling on a non EU passport, (dual citizen ship) therefoe the marriage cert does not state EU citizen. I was advised this is not a problem -SOLVIT, if the marriage is legal and I am a EU citizen and resident in Bulgaria.

After supplying all the necessary documents and waiting for a 6 weeks, we are now told is has been refused because they see it as two different people. They have all the relative documents of proof that it is the same person, and I am a resident and own property, we are legally married. They are now irritated with my interpreters questioning and will not discuss it further.

I have spoken to SOLVIT they require a letter stating the refusal and reason...no one will give me such a letter. The marriage cert can not be changed and I can't get re-married.

The only solution Is to sell up and move.

Any suggestions. Charles.
4 April 2013 05:13:58 Reply Quote
# 2
You clearly need to get a lawyer involved here since your interpreter is clearly getting nowhere. If you go to Sofia from time to time I'd suggest getting a good one there as they seem to carry more clout from the capital

I don't know of any decent ones in the Yambol area but no doubt they do exist - PM me if you want a recommendation for an excellent one in Sofia, although you'll need your interpreter to call her as she doesn't speak English.
4 April 2013 10:16:22 Reply Quote