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I have just arrived in Plovdiv (having entered Bulgaria on my UK
passport), and am about to embark on getting what the Bulgarians call a „durable“ residence. I would be interested in hearing from any UK citizen who has gone through that process recently. Here are some questions that I am seeking answers to before I present myself at my local police station:

In what form does the information about my income need to be? My source of income is US Social Security (I emigrated from the UK in 1963). At the end of every year, Social Security sends me a statement of how much they plan to pay me the following year. Would a photocopy of that statement be enough? Would it need to be translated and the translation notarized?

What do the Bulgarians currently consider to be an adequate amount for an expat to live on in Bulgaria?

Is there any form of health insurance that the Bulgarians like expats to have? Is there any that they take a dim view of?

Since I haven't lived in the UK for nigh on fifty years and, in a
sense, don't exist for the NHS, I'm going to have to purchase a health policy from a company. What would be a good company to go to?

Has anybody paid a lawyer to hand-hold them through this process? If so, what did s/he charge and do you think his/her services were worth it?
18 March 2013 14:30:52 Reply Quote
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Hi there,
regards your finances/pension,I am a UK citizen and recently renewed my residence visa here( been here 10 years) I had to show a source of income,I gave them a printout of my pension payments which had been paid into my BG bank account, I had to show them my house deeds(to show I had a place to live) my international health card,really only valid for tourist's but they want to see it anyway. As to the rest they want to see how much you have in the bank here,a certificate is available from your bank for this purpose.
As to whether you should use a lawyer,you bet you should, I still use my lawyer in all dealings with the authorities as they can sort out all the BS that can get thrown at you by someone on the other side of the glass having a bad day. By the way as an EU citizen you are only going through a formality now, as you have the right to live here. By the way why Plovdiv, lovely city,been there a lot of times,but jeez it's cold in winter,like Chicago,and hot in summer. I live with my wife about 1/2 way between Yambol and Burgas, much milder climate. If you want anymore info look me up on Skype under richard.feather1.
All the best,
27 March 2013 08:34:29 Reply Quote
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Thanks for responding Richard. I got my residence card last week. The process was pretty simple, and would have been even simpler if the form had come with explanations and instructions. I plan to post a blow-by-blow account of my experience.

I concur with your comments about the Plovdiv winter. They also apply, on cloudy days, to the Plovdiv spring. Is it my imagination or are my toes turning black? I'll give Plovdiv a year, and then maybe head to warmer latitudes.
3 April 2013 11:22:42 Reply Quote
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hola looking for an attorney , do you know of someone for a class d visa , thanks steve
21 June 2015 07:07:03 Reply Quote
# 5

Do EU citizens (Poland in this case) need any work permits to work for a private company?

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