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Stop Press?

# 1
Does anyone else find it "interesting" that a Forum owned by Novinite has news items from August last year under "Top News"?
11 January 2013 12:32:21 Reply Quote
# 2
it's sad that your comments killed the new forum before it had chance to get going I see you do it to all the forums your a nasty person
12 January 2013 09:42:21 Reply Quote
# 3

I assume that pointing out that "Top News" is 5 months out of date doesn't constitute "nastiness" so I guess that my comment about Reiki "healing" is what got your goat?

Yes, I am indeed forthright in my opinions and if believing that opinions should be based on facts and knowledge rather than ignorance and stupidity; a dislike of charlatanism, mumbo-jumbo and those trying to make money out of it; respect for the wonderful English language and its correct use are what constitutes a "nasty person" in your vocabulary then I am only too happy to plead "Guilty as charged".
13 January 2013 05:38:15 Reply Quote