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The Keys to Bulgarian Economy

# 1
Are you an investor, trader, businessperson doing business in/with Bulgaria? Are you an expat working in Bulgaria?

Please share your views and ideas about the Bulgarian economy: greatest problems, untapped potential, key projects for economic upswing?

Please note that all of the contents of is USER-GENERATED, and the web portal is COMMUNITY-BASED, i.e. it has been designed in a way so that it can be RUN BY THE USERS, thus seeking to be for the benefit of all expatriates, visitors, and friends of Bulgaria!
24 July 2012 02:09:26 Reply Quote
# 2

I visited Sofia, Vidin and Pamporovo in Bulgaria last September as a tourist and found that Burgaria has so much potentials to offer and could attract more tourists to Bulgaria. Beautiful, cities, mountains, historical places, places for skiing, white and sunnybeaches and friendly people etc etc. The foods and beers are cheap. Transport cost is affordable. But the problem is most of the people do not speak English and the Central Bus Station and Railway Station did not have signs in English to help tourists to find their ways to other parts of the country. If there are signs in English, it would help, even though, the people do not speak English.

I would suggest that Bulgaria should immediately put up signs in English in all tourist and public places, especially, Bus Stations and Train Stations.

I would visit Bulgaria again.
25 July 2012 12:05:21 Reply Quote
# 3
PK Sam, whilst I value your right to your opinion I do disagree with it.

The first time I visted a country using the Cyrillac alphabet I made myself a notebook up with the names of the places I needed to get to in Cyrillac and phonetics, along with other key phrases.

If tourists want to be pandered to let them do package holidays and allow those who enjoy independant travel to overcome the hurdles as they see fit.
25 July 2012 16:39:05 Reply Quote
# 4
Tania OZ
25 July 2012 19:11:48 Reply Quote
# 5
Kevin Owen
It is not so bad if you take the effort to learn the alphabet. it's just the old Bulgarian script that is difficult to read in my opinion. The UK translates everything for everyone and makes it too easy. I don't really want that much change.
26 July 2012 23:32:49 Reply Quote
# 6
Martin Jeffes
The comments made about signs to give advice to tourists has struck something of a chord with me. We run a tourist camp-site in the south-east of Bulgaria, close to the Turkish and Greek borders, and only 1 km from the E80, the main road from western Europe to Turkey.

The Roads Infrastructure Agency, in Haskovo, have, several times refused to let us put up the internationally-recognised road signs for Camp-sites, in our opinion, in violation of the Treaty of Vienna. They tell us it is against the law for us to put up these signs, and, when we do, without their permission, they get taken away.

We get scores of visitors who come from western Europe each year, usually with the intention of passing through Bulgaria as quickly as possible on their way to Turkey, or further east, who find, to their surprise, that Bulgaria is really a friendly and safe place, and these people often want to explore the country around us, visiting places like Perperikon. But it is a sad fact that there is virtually no tourist information available, or road signs they can use.

For Bulgaria to climb out of the immense hole it's in will first require a major change of thinking by those in authority.
It is also questionable whether we would like the place as much as now, if and when the changes do come.

Martin Jeffes
Sakar Hills Camping.
7 August 2012 14:55:30 Reply Quote