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English Language Church

# 1
Scott Chadwick
Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let the expat community know about International Baptist Church in Sofia. We are an english-language church and have been in Sofia for nearly 21 years. We are located at Ulitsa Pirin 91 Floor 3 near Blvd. Bulgaria. We meet each Sunday at 11:00 AM. Please join us!
25 July 2012 13:07:12 Reply Quote
# 2
Sorry - Southern Baptists definitely don't ring MY bell!
25 July 2012 13:14:07 Reply Quote
# 3
Kevin Owen
I have no wish to be associate with any church and have many doubts about the basis of religion itself ever since I learned to read!
26 July 2012 10:35:29 Reply Quote
# 4
Kevin - that may explain the Church's reluctance to encourage literacy among the hoi-polloi in the Middle Ages.....
26 July 2012 11:57:11 Reply Quote
# 5
Scott Chadwick
Thanks everyone for your input. Just wanted to invite people who may want to visit and have an interest. We are not a Southern Baptist Church but a group of expat believers from many religious and non-religious backgrounds from around the globe.
26 July 2012 13:21:22 Reply Quote
# 6
Hey, good luck with your missionary work with expats in Bulgaria - if they feel in need of salvation then who am I to argue.

However, I believe that Martin, TN is in the South and has a New Home Baptist Church - and that the SBC is the largest Baptist denomination in the world....but maybe we're using "Southern Baptist" in different ways.

Incidentally, ever noticed what happens if you transpose the first "n" and the "m" in "denomination"?
26 July 2012 13:34:31 Reply Quote
# 7
ronnie bland
as a famous singer once once sang . i do believe in a higher power one that loves us one and all. let everyone decide for themselves to make make their own choice. mine would be private to us , so should be religion to all.
26 July 2012 13:45:13 Reply Quote
# 8
Scott Chadwick
Very true seedy about TN and the SBC but I'm one of the only ones with that background in our church. Interesting take on the word denomination.
26 July 2012 21:29:21 Reply Quote
# 9
And one who doesn't easily take offence, Scott. Good on you
26 July 2012 22:48:41 Reply Quote
# 10
I had no idea there was such a church in Sofia I am not really that religious or a regular church-goer but I would like to check it out; seems like a very exciting initiative! Regards!
27 July 2012 14:14:41 Reply Quote
# 11
Sarah Hassall
Hi Scott, thanks for the post. I think I had seen your website when looking for an english speaking church. I was amazed at how many there were in Sofia. Zoe church, friends Church and yours. I do agree with a lot of the other comments about church. Who wants to go to a place where they tell you what you should or shouldn't do. How often you should do something. How hard you have to work to be good. What boring rot. Church for me is fun, exciting, full of grace, acceptance, friendship, joy, celebration, I mean who doesn't want that. That is MY God. Is he yours too or would I be wasting my time visiting your church?
19 May 2013 21:37:26 Reply Quote