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Bulgarian Nature

# 1
Nikki J
This site is a collection of images of the stunning nature, views and people of Bulgaria - Yambol and surrounding areas mostly.

25 July 2012 11:49:08 Reply Quote
# 2
Amazing site we actually have a link on our Real Estate site as an introduction to the natural beauty of Bulgaria and the wonderful nature that is there for all to see. The photographs of the birds are amazing and I have had several framed photographs as gifts
25 July 2012 11:57:13 Reply Quote
# 3
All your pictures are really professionally taken and fantastic! Your beautiful pictures would promote Bulgaria as a must see and visit country. I love every one of it. Keep it up and make a career and income out of it!
25 July 2012 12:35:15 Reply Quote
# 4
Nikki J
Thanks for that and if only we could, but we don't think Bulgaria is ready for nature tourism yet! Sadly
25 July 2012 13:25:14 Reply Quote
# 5

Beautiful, very interesting were they all filmed here in Bulgaria??I fear we have seen very few butterflies etc this year!! however Ilove your site i will be showing it to a few Bulgarian friends I believe they too will be impressed, thank you
25 July 2012 15:24:20 Reply Quote
# 6
Interesting that some areas have seen very few butterflies this year. In the past week we have been inundated with assorted types.
25 July 2012 16:29:47 Reply Quote
# 7
Nikki J
Hi Apollo
When I show the site to Bulgarians they think the pictures are from other countries as they recognise so little from here.
Apart from Exmouth UK page (which is our hometown) the majority of the shots have been taken from within a 3km radius of our village not far from Yambol. Some have also been taken from further afield i.e Madzharovo, Sliven, and Sozopol.

I've heard a few people say about the lack of butterflies too, however I haven't really noticed that this year, but have noted a lack in wading birds at all the local places and popular places such as Poda.

I hope your friends enjoy the site.
25 July 2012 17:40:05 Reply Quote
# 8
Tania OZ
Nice pics.............
25 July 2012 19:00:29 Reply Quote
# 9
17 February 2013 03:20:08 Reply Quote
# 10
Thanks for that and if only we could, but we don't think Bulgaria is ready for nature tourism yet! Sadly

So true.
I have e mailed BG RSPB the BSPB several times as I was amember and volunteer in England. I have not had a single response.

There is so much potential here for instance Canoe Safaris on the rivers...much safer than Africa.

28 February 2013 19:18:04 Reply Quote