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Living in Sofia

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I ask here in this forum about living in Sofia. Which city quarters are recommended to live (Losenetz, Manastirski Livadi, Krastova Vada,...) ?

Living in a gated complex: Is it recommended to live in such a complex ? Are there any experiences made which are worth sharing here ?

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John Dixon
I am probably not the best person to give advice on this since my experience with living in Sofia is modest but from my impression the best quarters in Sofia are Lozenets, Iztok, and Izgrev.

And from what I understand Manastirski Livadi seems to have packs of stray dogs. Not much of an issue if you are in a gate community but it would be if you decide to walk around. Good luck finding the best spot.
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# 3
Hello John,

thanks for your answer. Yes the problem with the stray dogs in Sofiais known. Thanks for mentioning the Izgrev and Iztok quarters. Yes I know Lozenets to some extent - so about this quarter because it is one of the bigger ones in Sofia - are there any areas to be said having good marks ?
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# 4
"Best" is a very subjective idea, of course. Are we talking about a swanky area, or one with good shopping, or low crime, or no street-dogs, or low rents, or good views, or lots of parks, or plenty of amusements, or good transport links, or.....? There are good areas in bad districts and vice-versa, so I'd take anything that any of us say with a pinch of salt and research things well based on what you want/need/expect.

Gated complexes are better than open ones in terms of crime but don't think that they'll be entirely free of it. You also can have problems with the maintenance company and neighbours who believe, like Leonora Helmsley, that paying dues is only for "little people".

We have property in a couple of "good" areas of Sofia and each of them has its good and bad points - in some you can't get by without a car, but parking here can be a nightmare unless you have your own space/garage, and even then you have to explain to some people that Democracy doesn't include the right to park wherever they choose! Likewise parking in town can be a nightmare and the shadow of the dreaded spider is ever-present....

The only really hard and fast rule is to avoid any areas with a large "local ethnic minority" population or with an obvious street-dog problem.
5 August 2012 10:54:22 Reply Quote
# 5
Hello Seedy,

thanks for your answer. Yes parking in Sofia can be a nightmare, this is true, and the parking "problem" caused by those who think they can park everywhere and nothing will happen to them because of "having good relations" and other reasons is also known. Yes, avoiding areas with the dog problem is a must. In some areas a car is needed to travel to/from your property. Otherwise you have to worry about your car because theft, burglary and vandalism ... .
Otherwise now the metro will be expanded and some bus/tram lines might be changed to some extent ...
About the gated complexes - the monthly mainenance fee to be paid to the company which is said to responsible for the necessary work to be done on the property: It is also about the people who work for this company - some will work hard, some are laid back and lazy.
Gated complex - yes that is a special topic ... Walking in and out of the property always with supervision by video cameras and security officials ...
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# 6
I love Lozenets, especially the upper part between Bogatitsa and James Baucher, I have been living htere for close to three years now and I have never had a problem. Parking is somehow hard but not impossible, the place is generally clean and the frequent wind keeps the air nice and fresh. It is close to the center and makes for a nice walk at weekends, plus south park is only around the corner so for kids is also pleasant
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