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Author: Val

# 1
Deer Seedy, Chrissy:
Thank you for sharing your insight on life in BG. This is a priceless piece of your own experience for people like me considering BG as a second home. Your posts guys explore local events from different positions but eventually you come to the same conclusions because you both use the same value metrics. Seedy’s opinion reflects a little bit too deep involvement into local affairs as for an average expat and this is understandable in his position. Seedy feels like an integral part of the community while Chrissy keeps in mind that he is a guest kindly invited to the host country. Sure guests are to respect local way of life as is just because they have a choice to stay or to go while locals pretty often have no that chance and are to accept life as is.
Corruption is an inherent sin of humans in general. We all deal either with a dirty racketeering petty politicians corrupt or Wall Street-Financial London crocks. However taking a positive stance I’d rather stay focused on inherent good nature of Bulgarian people.
Thank you Chrissy for the invitation to visit you in Straldja. I will be glad to meet you during my visit.
13 August 2012 05:03:28 Reply Quote
# 2
Oh, come on guys. If we are discussing life in Bulgaria than we all want to have a big plate for half price.
12 August 2012 00:53:06 Reply Quote
# 3
Hi Seedy,
As you might know the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Canada is a perfect place to live, no doubts for those who have a decent nest egg for retirement. However if one wants to extend his bucks than better look for other places. Another thing that worries me it’s getting difficult for old guys to live through long winters. Winter here starts in November and lasts until late April with last snowstorm in May.
12 August 2012 00:44:43 Reply Quote
# 4
Hi guys,
You’ve just killed my dream!... Joking. One can’t afford to be that na?ve at age of discretion…in modern world it comes after 50… hahaha. Well, everything under the sky has its flip side. Low cost of living comes with fewer comforts and we are ready to sacrifice some unimportant comforts gaining real values instead.
As I said Bulgaria is on the list along with other options. Retirement to Panama, Ecuador, or Uruguay may be more attractive from legal side while the cost of living is close to Bulgarian. Or just snow birding to Mexico and Caribbean and back home for the wonderful Canada summer.
Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your valuable experience with us. We will go to Bulgaria next year as it has already been solid planned. Should we feel attracted to that country after the first trip than we will move to the next stage with detailed research.
P.S. A few words on chem free tomatoes. You can try tobacco extract as natural pesticide. Put few tobacco leaves into water for a few days or boil it for thick extract. Spray extract over the entire plant and periodically apply as tomatoes are growing. Water easy removes extract from ripe veggies. Use only manure from locals as fertilizer. It should be in abundance over there. It may work out. At least it’s worth trying.
11 August 2012 18:21:19 Reply Quote
# 5
Thank you Chrissy and Nikki J

You guys sound so exited with your life in Bulgaria that it’s hard to resist just quit my job, pack a container, and turn a new page… Ohhh, I missed to mention…I’m form Canada so I will not enjoy EU privileges that you guys share. Anyway, the most important thing is that you are happy there; and this matter.
I did my research and feel inclined to Velingrad area. Mountains and woods, wild barriers and mushrooms, snow in the winter, cooler summers, hot springs, no beach crowds… Tomatoes grown in the sun on soil that never tried chemical, evening milk from cows grazed in meadows. Sounds like dream…LOL! Planning to check there next spring.

10 August 2012 18:07:04 Reply Quote
# 6
Hi there,

I’m planning to retire in a few years and looking for some overseas options. Bulgaria is on my list.
I just wonder if Bulgaria is considered a foreign retirees friendly country? Are there kind of visa/residential status for foreigners, tax exemption for incomes originated from outside BG, no customs duties for personal effects and car brought into the country when relocating, etc? Is there any reliable online source for this info?

Thank you guys for your feedback! Much appreciated.
9 August 2012 23:38:00 Reply Quote