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Author: Nikki J

# 1
Nikki J
A forever home has been found for Nellie.
14 September 2012 11:00:54 Reply Quote
# 2
Nikki J

This little lady desperately needs a loving home, and soon.

We should know when we will be leaving in the next couple of weeks and the choices we have for Nellie currently are: to stay here alone outside, and an English couple feed her but they can't do this indefinitely and she won't get walked or cuddled and will be living outside in the winter.
To go into the dog shelter, not the one in Yambol because we have been told we can't do that. That place is for Yambol dogs, she will go to the Roza shelter. I've never heard of this place, it's a disused building near a lake me and Darren go to and we looked it over one time thinking it would make a beautiful home by the lake.
There were no dogs then, well apparently sometimes there are.
No-one seems to feed them, and if they are not given homes within 2 weeks they are put to sleep!! (Our Kmet told us this) So this is NOT an option either.

Please help if you can, thank you.

12 September 2012 09:28:35 Reply Quote
# 3
Nikki J
If I had to choose somewhere to retire, I have to tell you that Canada would be high on my list!

Mine too, but they won't have me!
12 August 2012 00:18:38 Reply Quote
# 4
Nikki J
Haha Seedy, I deliberately missed THAT forum out with good reason!

Val, Seedy is spot on, you will definitely need to double check your situation coming from a non EU country, and try the place out as I said renting would be the way to go if you can manage it.

I didn't think pensions were taxed here Seedy, but as I don't get one I don't know but I'm sure some people in our village don't pay tax on theirs?
11 August 2012 11:14:52 Reply Quote
# 5
Nikki J
Hiya Val
Yes I did note that you are listed as being from Canada after I posted so not sure how that will work for you.

I suggest renting before you buy and try a summer and a winter as both can be extreme, having said that I expect you are used to snow aren't you?? I wouldn't believe everything about them not using chemicals as they DO!! If they didn't the pests would have a feast!

We moved here 5.5 years ago and actually are looking to move back to the UK soon, though we do love living here and if we could have the best of both we would. Maybe we will return when it's our turn to retire.

Anyway, best of luck for your new adventure, we've had a fantastic time and will miss the place like crazy.
10 August 2012 23:16:05 Reply Quote
# 6
Nikki J
Hi Val
Lots of retirees come here and enjoy the benefits Bulgaria offers from cheap property and taxes to cheap beer and ciggies, although since entering the EU prices have risen.

If you have an EU passport there are no visa's to obtain, just a long stay certificate which is cheap and easy to obtain.

You may bring all your personal belongings in now with no hassle, I'm not sure about registering a foreign car, but I know plenty who have done it and things have improved over the years with regard to vehicle paperwork.

The biggest thing I would think is a concern for pensioners is healthcare, although reciprocal if coming from the UK, some of the healthcare providers are not always up to UK standards, however they are improving and there are some fantastic hospitals too, it will all depend on where you choose to live, but I do know of people returning to the UK when healthcare issues crop up.

On the whole the lifestyle is good and your pension will definitely go a lot further here.

Try other forums such as Brits in Bulgaria and for more detailed and friendly information.
10 August 2012 11:30:35 Reply Quote
# 7
Nikki J
Hi Apollo
When I show the site to Bulgarians they think the pictures are from other countries as they recognise so little from here.
Apart from Exmouth UK page (which is our hometown) the majority of the shots have been taken from within a 3km radius of our village not far from Yambol. Some have also been taken from further afield i.e Madzharovo, Sliven, and Sozopol.

I've heard a few people say about the lack of butterflies too, however I haven't really noticed that this year, but have noted a lack in wading birds at all the local places and popular places such as Poda.

I hope your friends enjoy the site.
25 July 2012 17:40:05 Reply Quote
# 8
Nikki J
Thanks for that and if only we could, but we don't think Bulgaria is ready for nature tourism yet! Sadly
25 July 2012 13:25:14 Reply Quote
# 9
Nikki J
This site is a collection of images of the stunning nature, views and people of Bulgaria - Yambol and surrounding areas mostly.
25 July 2012 11:49:08 Reply Quote
# 10
Nikki J
Hiya Karen, nice to see you here .
I live in Yambol too, been here far too long now!
25 July 2012 11:39:28 Reply Quote