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Author: Ivan

# 1
Alright, this is a bit of a funny topic... but I was reading about the end of the term of James Warlick, the US Ambassador in Sofia, who has been all over the place, media, etc, speaking on sorts of issues, and extremely active... My impression is the Bulgarian public is polarized about Warlick.

At the same time, there has been the new British Ambassador Jonathan Allan who spend a month living secretly with a Bulgarian family before taking over - and seems to have gotten some public acclaim since then...

So I thought it would be great if you guys as expats - many of whom are American and British - shared your opinion -

What do you think of Warlick and/or Allan? Who did/do you like better? I think both are doing some good work but as a Bulgarian I am just really curious what the expats think...
28 July 2012 19:03:41 Reply Quote
# 2
I had no idea there was such a church in Sofia I am not really that religious or a regular church-goer but I would like to check it out; seems like a very exciting initiative! Regards!
27 July 2012 14:14:41 Reply Quote
# 3
Not an expat, a Bulgarian, but I thought I'd still post my story since I came across this site, and it seems pretty interesting though it doesn't seem to be very developed yet -

Currently living in Sofia; moved back from the States a couple of years ago after studying and working there for eight years, on the East Coast, mostly in the DC and Boston areas.
27 July 2012 14:12:12 Reply Quote
# 4
Btw, since the thread is entitled "Taxes in Bulgaria" - I will be really interested to know what the expats in Bulgaria think - are the taxes in Bulgaria really that great for you?

I mean our politicians advertise as the lowest and best in the EU, with the flat tax rates and stuff. I myself haven't really seen much impact on the economy. Or perhaps it's not that visible...
27 July 2012 14:08:25 Reply Quote
# 5
Just to clarify - mine was in responce to Susan's post
27 July 2012 14:05:59 Reply Quote
# 6
From what I understand, the publishers of this site are referring to all expats living in Bulgaria, not only the British.

As a Bulgarian who a few years living in the States before I returning to Sofia, I am really excited to have more and more foreigners, especially US/EU citizens living in Bulgaria!

I think Bulgaria will only benefit from that!

Unfortunately, there is very little understanding of that in the Bulgarian society..., and the attitude ranges from the predominant lack of interest in the issue to some outright hostility here and there... But these are just my observations; you guys will be better suited to discuss this topic.
27 July 2012 14:05:01 Reply Quote