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Author: Moonraker

# 1
I know "chiropractic" as such is rare, but does anyone know of any osteopaths or chiropractors near Gaborovo/Tryvana?
26 January 2013 20:30:40 Reply Quote
# 2
Very many thanks for the helpful advice - I'm particularly grateful to Marianne and Seedy for some very useful information.

Our preference for rural life is because we're both lovers of life in the country. We intend to pursue some of the simple pleasures : grow some food, breathe clean fresh air, cultivate a garden, socialise over coffee with locals and expats alike, learn the culture and the language (eventually), walk/fish/photograph/write/read/enjoy the view and generally enjoy our retirement living in the beautiful nature that makes Bulgaria such a draw - well away from the urban madness that passes for 20th Century life for so many.

People are people the world over, and while I know cultures differ, isn't that part of the fascination? We don't attach too much emphasis on prejudices or over-generalisations, and are well aware that our early experiences will likely be a bit of a roller coaster. We have a small pension that should enable us to live simply, and we appreciate what is important in life - not the least being the need to live a good life.

Anyone who can help us in this quest by suggesting, as we originally asked, good places to consider, will earn our deep gratitude. Blagodaria/spasibo !

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25 November 2012 22:20:20 Reply Quote
# 3
Hi - we're canvassing opinions about the best communities to consider when we retire in, hopefully, the near future. We've read a variety of viewpoints. We would like a good mix of welcoming locals and helpful expats, in an upland community, surrounded by mother nature and the great outdoors. Any nominations? We like the Tryavna area but are open to suggestions where else to consider. All offerings welcome. Thanks in anticipation.
24 October 2012 20:16:32 Reply Quote