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Alan Henderson
I am considering purchasing a property in Bulgaria as a 2nd home (holiday home). It would be for personal use only i.e. no intention to rent. We would only be living therecfor less than 6 months per year.

Can anyone advise if I would be liable to pay tax on overseas income, or would I be able to avoid this based on the above circumstances?
22 July 2016 12:47:05 Reply Quote
# 2
Kenn Peters
Hi everybody.

Im moving too BG in a few months and can see all the apartments for rent is mostly 1 year or max 4-5 year.
I would like to find a place where i can rent without time limits on the contract.
Is this possible in BG or am i totally crazy for even thinking this..
Im planning to retire in BG, but im not rich so will be saving money until i can buy something later.

Thank you
19 July 2016 14:22:05 Reply Quote
# 3
I Know a Good Builder..

If anyone needs any building work doing, just ask.
30 June 2016 10:52:52 Reply Quote
# 4
Location: next to indeka park and vetosha street

If someone interesting can call me for more information 0888839693 hosam

21 June 2016 20:27:39 Reply Quote
# 5
Hello everyone! I have opened a company in sofia and i need a utility bill sample (phone or Internet ) for research purpose! Could someone maybe scan one of his own and blur the name address etc? Thanks guys!
16 June 2016 01:11:44 Reply Quote
# 6
I am looking for prices for living in a small city like Sliven. Housing, utilities, grocery, etc. Also, if you know what is would cost to renovate a 2 bedroom apartment, that would be great.

Thanks for any help you could provide.

4 June 2016 04:47:48 Reply Quote
# 7
I'm astonished that still people click on the actual SPAM articles. Stop clicking it and the stupid guys get bored and will stop that bullshit
2 June 2016 14:56:14 Reply Quote
# 8
Hi Guys,

We open new caffee in center of Sofia next to "indica park", looking to hire friendly staff and prefer speaking English, please share this one if someone looking for job in hospitality.

14 April 2016 09:24:01 Reply Quote
# 9
Go to Bulgaria for 2 Monts, visit at least 30 appartments/houses and buy as soon as you can, rents are just too high compared with the price. Be careful, everybody will expect you to pay more than a bulgarian, so have a look at www.imot.bg (yes in bulgarian, but with a translator you can farely easy undestand it).
25 March 2016 21:32:18 Reply Quote
# 10
Hi George,
that's not so difficult ....
try :
21 March 2016 19:08:06 Reply Quote
# 11
I would like to know how much a new Lada Niva 4x 4 costs in BG I cant find a web site in English please help.
20 March 2016 22:34:50 Reply Quote
# 12
Hi we have lived in a village 10 k from Plovdiv and like you the only Brits in the village maybe if you are going to Plovdiv some time we could meet up we are both retired and living here full time
Mick &val
2 March 2016 18:32:31 Reply Quote
# 13
Derek Williams
Hi I would like to introduce myself to you as I have just joined the forum.
I am due to retire next year and have decided that I would like to retire in Bulgaria. I have had many great holidays here and am looking to settle in or around Burgas.
I am unsure if I should buy or rent although compared to the buying cost of apartments the rentals appear high. I was hoping to rent for maybe 6 months while I look for a nice apartment to buy.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Derek Williams
13 February 2016 18:13:27 Reply Quote
# 14
Best for removals to and from Bulgaria I only recommend

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Try and you will never regret!

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27 January 2016 19:12:24 Reply Quote
# 15
Yes Joan,
only 25 leva for the first hour for two people not each.Yes I can visit your home and unclothed is fine☺
25 January 2016 07:00:04 Reply Quote