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Tel: +359 700 12110 – Call Center Albena (on the price of one city call)

       +359 800 12211 – Albena Tour bureaus (free of charge) 

       +359 579 62920 – Albena reservations - Accommodation department

       +359 579 62327 - Online reservations


Albena is a Blue Flag winning resort, located in a picturesque and ecologically clean gulf on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, famous for its flower gardens, close to Varna international airport (30 km). Temperate continental climate, vast sand beach, clean sea without any dangerous animals - your guarantee of wonderful conditions for seaside holidays from May through October.
This is a beautiful place on the Black Sea Coast with good location, high standard accommodation and a variety of amenities. Albena is the place where the sea meets the sand. Sport and recreation facilities, numerous entertainment spots, nightlife in bars and beauty facilities - Albena has it all. 

Albena - a world of quality service and value! Albena - a delight for all ages - sandy beach, crystal sea, and as much or as little action as you need, Albena has something for everyone.
The resort hotels are located in a natural environment, either right on the beach or on the nearby hills which command a splendid views of the sea. 
There are total of 14,900 beds in 43 hotels, 5 holiday villages and 1 campsite. It has 1 four-star, 17 three-star and 22 two-star hotels. The resort is intent on offering its guests the best it can by constantly improving hotel facilities and the standard of service.

Albena has more than 100 catering establishments, ranging from top class restaurants to fast food outlets, small cosy spots right on the shore, bars and discos, taverns and folk-style places, Chinese and Indian cuisine, to suit any taste and pocket.
Year-round climatic and spa centre in the Dobrudja Hotel: highly qualified medical staff, 120 kinds of medical procedures making wide use of natural factors, special cosmetics programmes.

Mineral water in the resorts is with temperature 30°C, slightly mineralised, hydro carbonated, containing magnesium, calcium, sulphurous oxide compounds: 2.2 mg/I and free hydrogen sulphide with pH 7.39 and discharge of 2580I/min. Curative firth mud highly mineralised: 65.8 g/kg, calcium - 1.1 g/kg, magnesium - 3.6 g/kg and sodium - 18.0 g/kg. It contains hydrogen sulphide - 0.6 g/kg and biologically active substances, biogenetic stimulants, trace elements - iodine, copper, strontium, molybdenum and manganese. 

Available are individual programs 0g thalassotherapy and anti-stress, programs for health, beauty and good form, curative programs of different duration.
Silhouette (intensive slimming program) with special diet, Slim body, Beauty (facial uplift), Gericain - anti-aging program (with Bulgarian medicines), Beautiful mother (after birth program), beautiful age (only for clients over 55), Anti-cellulite, Relax, Wellness; Fruits of Beauty (treatment with fruit dieting after a special methodology), Aromatherapy, Anti-rheumatic arthritis program, curative, curative for children. The facilities at the centre and their first-class fitness equipment of the Techno Gym trademark offer excellent conditions for training and recreation.

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