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Gorchivo Sladko - Italian pasticceria

Gorchivo Sladko - Italian pasticceria

Gorchivo Sladko is an Italian pastry shop where everything is prepared and baked on site - from almond paste, mini tarts, sponge cake soaked with authentic Italian flavors...

In our workshop works real Italian pastry chef and the products are imported exclusively from Italy to achieve the original flavor. Among the wide range of sweets you will hardly encounter something familiar for the Bulgarian market. The idea is to offer traditional sweets from various regions of Italy such as Torta della Nonna, Cannoli Siciliani, Baba Napoletano, Amaretti, Baci di dama Cantucci, Torta di mandorle, Brutti ma Buoni, Diplomatica, Savarini, these are just few names of the wide range Italian pastries or pasticcini one can find at our shop.

We also have our own coffee blend - Dolce Amaro, especially selected and roasted for us in Italy. It is 85% selected varieties of Arabica from Africa, Central and South America and 15% Robusta Parchemant from India.

You can find us on Facebook gorchivosladko.

32 Gladstone street, Sofia 1000
Tel: 02/ 980 8008
email: pasticceria@gorchivosladko.com

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