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Expats.bg - New Web Platform Launched to Serve Expats in Bulgaria

Expats.bg; 24 July 2012 / 14:55; Views: 2512; 0Edit article

A brand-new web platform, Expats.bg, has been launched in order to provide a wide array of networking and information sharing options for the benefit of the expat community in Bulgaria.

Expats.bg was formally launched Tuesday, July 24, 2012, and is now available for registration, and publication of expat forum topics and posts, expat wikis, expat classifieds, expat news, and expat opinion articles, among other features.

All expatriates living in Bulgaria as well as all friends of Bulgaria from around the world, foreign nationals and Bulgarians alike, are invited to join Expats.bg!

According to its Publishing Team, Expats.bg will be "a web portal for expats living permanently in Bulgaria, for people residing temporarily in Bulgaria, for visitors, or for friends of Bulgaria from all over the world."

"Expats.bg is a free, user-run online platform that seeks to contribute to the making easier, better, and more interesting the life of a vibrant expat community in Bulgaria," the Publishing Team says.

Expats.bg offers a wide range of unique features such as forum discussions, writing and editing of topical wikis about expat life and experiences in Bulgaria, publication of news stories about the life of the expat community in Bulgaria, publication of opinion articles by expats, and space for classified ads by expats.

The Publishing Team has pointed out all of the contents of Expats.bg will be USER-GENERATED, and COMMUNITY-BASED, and the call for USER MODERATORS it has issued - i.e. members of the expat community in Bulgaria who will be authorized to observe and moderate the contents of the web portal in order to guarantee that it will be used to benefit the community – has generated great interest.

The first user moderators who were selected from among the dozens of applicants are to be receive their authorizations and moderator profiles later this week, the team said upon the launch of Expats.bg.

For more information, registration, and participation options please visit Expats.bg - About Us